Oil Catch Tank (OCT100)

Oil Catch Tank (OCT100)

Brand: Aftermarket Industries
Product Code: OCT100
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The Aftermarket Industries OCT100 Oil Catch Tank / Oil and Air Separator / Dry Sump Breather Tank is designed specifically for motorsport applications that produce excessive blow-by/crankcase pressure which is the result of pressurised oil vapour which has pushed its way past the seals of the piston rings. The OCT100 will help maintain performance & efficiency and prevent oil & carbon build-up in the intake which can lead to detonation as well as pre-ignition; this is caused primarily by the reduction of the octane rating due to the carbon/oil build up in the intake which can restrict airflow.


  • Roll-over protection: stainless steel pistons housed within billet retainers to ensure minimal oil spillage in the event of roll over 
  • Billet splash plate combined with four (4) individual chambers separated by billet perforated twin baffle plates
  • large breather filter for superior pressure venting capability - 19IDx40x40 (mm)

  • Serviceability
    • Allen key inspired dipstick allows for easy remove of the tank from bracket for cleaning & maintenance
    • Drain plug

  • Specifications
    • Inlet / Outlet port sizes: -8AN
    • 110mm x 181mm (excluding breathers)


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