Fuel Pump Hangers

Aftermarket Industries fuel pump hangers are engineered and manufactured using aerospace grade materials. Our extensive range is tested to withstand the most extreme motorsport applications from street, drift, track, time attack, rally to drag racing. With over 15 years of experiences, we've worked on 1000's of fuel system projects and helped our customer to break countless domestc and international horsepower and quarter mile records,  Our customers have also won countless prestigous international motorsport events such as World Time Attack and Formula Drift.  

So what then is the purpose of a fuel pump hanger? An Aftermarket Industries billet single, dual or triplle fuel pump hanger provides the ability to add additional fuel pumps, such as the Walbro 255 fuel pump and Walbro 450 / 460 fuel pump, to support higher fuel consumption requirements & demands due to an increase in horsepower. 

Which fuel pump hanger and fuel pump combination is best for my project? If you are unsure as to which Aftermarket Industries fuel pump hanger is best for your particular project, please give us a call on +61 02 8001 6650 or simply complete the Fuel Sytem Calculator (only valid phone numbers and emails will receive a response)

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JAZ Fuel Sender
These Jaz Products fuel level sending units are the same units that Jaz uses in their Pro Stree..
Ex Tax: $220.00
FC1200 Flange
FC1200 Fuel Pump Hanger Weld-on Flange: Package includes the following items: Billet al..
Ex Tax: $250.00
Fuel Pump Hanger (FS400)
FS400 Fuel Pump Hanger Fuel Pump Hanger : The Aftermarket Industries billet fuel pump hanger ..
Ex Tax: $448.00
Fuel Pump Hanger (FS1200)
FS1200 Fuel Pump Hanger FS1200 Fuel Pump Hanger Special Features: Quiet Operation ..
Ex Tax: $745.00
Fuel Tank Cover (ATL-FIA-FT3-56L)
Aftermarket Industries FIA FT3 Fuel Tank Cover: Designed specifically for the ATL FIA FT3-56L fuel t..
Ex Tax: $945.00
Fuel Pump Hanger (FC1200)
FC1200 Fuel Pump Hanger Special Features: Quiet Operation Specially moulded Viton ..
Ex Tax: $998.00
Fuel Tank (ATL-FIA-FT3-56L)
Fuel Tank: ATL-FIA-FT3-56L: Our FC1200 Fuel Pump Hanger is a direct fit for this tank: Add the ..
Ex Tax: $1,195.00
Fuel Tank (ATL-FIA-FT3-83L)
Fuel Tank: ATL-FIA-FT3-83L: Our FC1200 Fuel Pump Hanger is a direct fit for this tank: Add the ..
Ex Tax: $1,195.00