OCT100 Oil Catch Tank Update: As with ALL products we release, static stress analysis is now complete for the OCT100: We've created conditions and safety criteria which far exceed what would be possib..

The Aftermarket Industries Ford XR6 (FG) Turbo fuel system upgrade eliminates the need for an external surge tank for street & track driven applications up to 800hp.

Article by Julian Austin 1. BE REALISTIC ABOUT YOUR TARGETS AND BUDGET ACCORDINGLY If you want to build a fire-breathing dragon then be prepared to fill your castle with gold. If you’ve spent thous..
600HP (e85) Mazda Rx4 Coupe. ..
600hp (e85) Mitsubishi Evo 8 wagon ..
550hp (unleaded) Lightner Motorsport LS powered Nissan s14 Silvia. ..
1008hp (e85): 2015 Motorex Horsepower Hero Champion. ..
700HP+ (E85): Current quickest H-Pattern WRX in Australia: 9.8s at 144mph.     ..
650hp (e85) Ford XR8 Turbo Ute. ..
500hp (unleaded) turbocharged Nissan 350z. ..
900hp (unleaded) LS powered Nissan 14/15 dry carbon body conversion. ..
600hp (e85) Toyota Hilux. ..
770hp (unleaded) 2JZ Nissan Cefiro A31. ..
740hp Ford Xr6 Turbo ute. ..
The Bosch Motorsport 044 fuel pump has, over the years, proven to be the fuel pump of choice for many of the leading performance workshops and motorsports teams. The 044 has served with honour and dis..
The Aftermarket Industries billet twin & triple fuel pump hanger FC1200 ("Fuel System:1200")  (Design Number: 364527) is designed to be installed into a custom s..
Stathi Kavadias and the team at Independent Motorsports have today re-set their own record as the quickest Ford Territory in Australia with a best pass of 10.182s @ 219.43kmh. Aftermarket Industr..
The 1600hp+ MPW NOSHOW HSV VT Clubsport has become the quickest street registered and driven LS powered car in Victoria with a blistering 7.99s pass @ 171mph. Whats even more impre..
Mad Mike Whiddett has wrapped up his Formula Drift Pro Championship placing fifth after competing at Formula Drift’s Final Fight at Irwindale Speedway. Headed into Irwindale Speedway, the Kiwi driv..
The MotiveDVD JET200 project Nissan 200sx has today set a new Open-Class track record with a 1.33.798s lap at the 2015 World Time Attack Challenge held at the Sydney Motorsport Complex. After ..
Mick Mansour and his Motorsport Mechanical R33 GTR have set the H-Pattern GTR record with a 9.375s @ 166.05 mph at the fourth and final round of the 2015 Australian Nulon Nationals Championship at Coo..
Story by: The Aftermarket Industries FS400 & FS1200 single, twin and triple billet fuel pump hangers are superior in design, engineering and construction to anything else av..
Billtech Automotive's manual R33 GTST has taken the record of the 2015 Meguiar's MotorEx Dyno with 1018hp. *Fuel system designed & supplied by Aftermarket Industries: see below for product..
Nissan R34 GTR street driven track racer. ..
Bridgestone Select Sumner Park BMW circuit race car. ..